Testimonials - Tax Return Preparation in Frisco, TX and Other U.S. Cities



Bill S. - Austin, TX


I have worked with Chris for over a decade.  We moved away from the DFW area, but wanted to keep our accounting needs with someone we have trust in.   Chris has an excellent virtual office and online portal, which we were able to use after relocating.  It is extremely easy to contact Chris anytime throughout the tax year for advice and planning, and his portal makes sharing documents secure and easy during return time.  No matter where we live, we can continue to benefit from Chris’s services.


Robert S. – Cypress, TX 


I have been a client of Chris and Mary for over 15 years.  My family moved to Cypress TX in 2010 and I have continued to use Chris to handle all my tax and accounting needs.  The transition has been seamless.  The sharing of any documents is easy, communication is always on point, and the quality of work is second to none.  It truly is a no thought and no worry process for me. 



Denise B. - Lakeway, TX


Chris and his team have always been very responsive and extremely knowledgeable of the tax laws and have handled our corporate, as well as individual, tax returns for more than 20 years.  When we made the move to Austin, many years ago, we were so pleased with the level of professional service and accessibility that Chris provided that we decided to maintain our relationship long distance.  He has since saved us an enormous amount of money by recommending that we take advantage of the Federal Adoption Tax Credit after we adopted in 2010, guided us as we underwent an audit in 2013, and provided tax planning strategies as we've transitioned jobs and transferred Roth IRA’s and 401(k)’s.  Chris offers a secure online portal for transferring sensitive data quickly and easily.  We couldn’t trust him more or be happier with the continued high level of service.   We would absolutely recommend working with Chris no matter where you live.  It’s truly a non-issue. 


John B. - Hamilton, NJ

Chris and Mary have made my tax return process simple, fast, and easy.   The online customer portal is a huge benefit.  The tax portal and organizer allows me to seamlessly fill out, sign, and submit documents needed in order to complete my return.  Even while living in NJ, I was able to communicate through the portal and successfully process my tax return.  Thought I would never say this, but I’m excited to do my tax returns next season! 


James C. - Alexandria, VA


I have used Chris Bush since 2002.  I have moved three times, owned investment properties in multiple states, and even ran a small business from home.  Needless to say, my tax filings have sometimes been complicated.  After leaving Texas, Chris updated his licenses in order to file my various State Income Tax returns.  Although I’m geographically distant, managing document transfers has been easier than if I had lived across the street, due to the online portal and Client Tax Organizer.  Although my time zone varies, communication with Chris has been seamless and his punctuality is impressive.  Whether your lifestyle has you rooted in one area or traversing the country like a nomad, Chris can handle your personal and business tax and accounting needs. 

Dennis T. - Peru, NY


Chris has been filing my taxes for over 10 years of which the last 6 years have been while living in New York State.   Although I miss the face to face annual meetings with him, through emails and the cloud file transfers, the tax process is smooth, easy, secure and trouble free.   Working with him remotely has not affected the high level of professionalism he provides. 


Tony G. - Apple Valley, MN


After many years with Chris, I was concerned my relocation to Minnesota would have me finding someone new.   Chris assured me being out of state was no issue and it is so true.  Being able to upload documents, complete forms online or simply interact has been seamless.  I get the professional guidance I trust and yet I am 1000 miles away.  It’s such a relief to know if I move again I can count on Chris to be there! 

Kevin D. - Peoria , AZ


Chris Bush has been my CPA for 7+ years, 5 of those while I live in Arizona.  I thought maybe I needed someone local but Chris's online process is easy for uploading documents and electronic signing of returns is very easy.  I sent him my information and he works his magic on my taxes.  In fact, I once received a letter from the IRS saying I owed them $15K!!  I broke out in a cold sweat, LOL.  Made one call to Chris and he took immediate action to fix.  I will be continuing my business relationship for many years to come. 


Tax Preparation For Any Location


Do you need tax return preparation in Frisco, TX?   Do you need tax return preparation in Plano, TX?   Do you need tax return preparation in McKinney, TX?  Do you need tax return preparation in another state?  We can help you with your federal and state tax return filings.